Avoid foods when trying to lose weight | 2021


In general, when trying to lose weight we need to avoid foods which are harmful for us .Today we have cleared the topic which is  Avoid foods in weight loss. If we are reach goal of weight loss then you have to know that which foods are avoid to eat neither we don’t get result. And we are become demotivate and leave all .So from today you must have to remove all foods which affect in your goal of weight loss.

Avoid foods in weight loss

      1 .White Bread

Avoid foods in weight loss

White bread is simple carbohydrate .It made from white flour (Maida). Flour(white) is very hard to digest and its make fat in your body. Instead of white bread we can take whole wheat bread. It’s a source of complex carbohydrate and good thing of whole wheat bread is easy to digest as well as provide carbs with protein.

Difference between nutrition facts white and brown bread.

White bread(100 gm) Brown bread(100 gm)
calories 245 265
Protein 7.8 8.8
Carbs 51.9 47.1
Fat 0.7 2.9
Fiber 2.1 5.9


      2.Diet Soda

In this generation, we closely attract to diet soda after lunch or dinner .but it’s very harmful for us not only for weight loss but also its any human if he hasn’t any goal then for his/her its harmful. Diet soda contains sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners. Its increase our calories. and if calories count increase in whole day its converted into fat. The artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks and increase the chances of obesity and metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Instead of diet soda you have to add good fiber source which are helps us to digest food properly.

Avoid foods in weight loss



Fiber drink
calories 156
Protein 0.0
Carbs 44.5
Fat 0.0
Fiber 27.8



          3.Packaged Fruit Juices


Fruit juice is high calories food in our foods list. These are use for weight gain and it has no fiber content. So it’s not helps us for weight loss. If we eat whole natural fruit instead of fruit juice then it’s a better option for us to reach goal fast. When trying to lose weight, don’t consume packing base fruit juice it’s contain simple sugar. when trying to lose weight , we want to add Whole fruit like apple, pomegranate, berries, papaya, pineapple orange, watermelon etc….


pomegranate(50 gm) fruit juice whole fruit
calories 45 42
Protein 0.9 0.8
Carbs 10.2 9.4
Fat 0.6 0.6
Fiber 2.2 2.7


        4.Fried Oily foods 


Any foods are fried with oil then it’s converted into high calories foods. High calories foods are must be avoid during weight loss. Everybody knows that refined oil is odorless and transparent. But it doesn’t happen for this they are using phosphoric acid and caustic soda. Stroke, cholesterol all their problems are comes out from oil. So avoid oily foods from today. We can add boiled potato instead of fried potatoes, boiled chicken instead of fried chicken, steam rice or veggies instead of all fried vegetable, rice.

fried food
(potato 50 gm)
boiled food
(potato 50 gm)
calories 65 44
Protein 0.9 0.7
Carbs 8.0 10.3
Fat 3.5 0.1
Fiber 0.7 0.8


  1. White Rice

    White rice isn’t bad food but if our goal is weight loss or fat loss then we must avoid white rice. It’s packed of carbs and helps to weight gain. If you see nutritional value of white rice then you automatically click these why white rice is blacklisted for weight loser or fat loser . Brown rice is good and best option for weight loss instead of white rice. Low calories food and high in fiber. Fiber helps us to losing weight and if we can add brown rice in our daily routine you absolutely get results.

100 gm White rice Brown rice
calories 97 88
Protein 2.1 1.9
Carbs 21.5 18.4
Fat 0.3 0.7
Fiber 0.4 0.8


  1. Alcohol

    We have already know alcohol is always bad drink for everyone ,but if we drink in moderate then it’s not problem but high consumption of alcohol damage your organs as well as increase fat in body. After it’s hard to reduce fat through body.When trying to lose weight, Avoid all drinks during weight loss or any goals.I highly suggested that if we want to live healthy and fit then we want to sacrifice our daily bad routine. But if you are use moderate way then you can drink vodka, whisky, gin. Don’t make it hobby drink occasionally 1 to 2 times in 15 days.


I think all are cleared but if we want to stay fit then we have to eat healthy foods in healthy recipe. Weight loss or weight gain is  70% depends upon your diet. So Instantly, Avoid foods in weight loss article helps you to convert your life in healthy way. Start from today be motivated and think that one day I see in slim trim look then your confidence level will be increase.


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