Carb list of foods fails compilation| weight gain|2021

Carb foods give us energy for our daily activities. But you know that carb are essential macro nutrient for weight gain. Its very helpful for hard gainer . High carb and high protein diet helps you to gain weight within a month .carb divided into two category first one is simple carb and second one is complex carb.

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Simple carb : Sugar is main component in simple carb like refined sugar,honey, milk ,corn syrup and juices

Complex carb : In complex carb contain either fiber component or starch component. Fiber is the main component in high fiber complex carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits ,nuts, whole grain i.e., Brown rice. After removing fiber component and only starch component is left that is called starch complex carbohydrates like refined flour (maida),white rice and cereals .

All carbs get converted to glucose and increase blood sugar level. But simple carbs and high starch carb complex carbs increase blood sugar level faster as compared to high fiber complex carbs. High fiber complex carb take time to digest because of the fiber content therefore glucose takes time to release into blood stream.

High fiber carb are important for us. Because they regulate blood sugar level. Another side starch component carb like maida and white rice ,after release glucose and reaches the blood stream faster which is cause blood sugar to spike as well as high sugar stored as fat in the body. But simple carb like white rice is good for hard gainer to gaining weight faster.

Top carb foods list :(complex carb per 100 gm)

  1. Wheat bread = carb-49.5 gm ,fiber-4.2 gm ,protein-10.4gm
  2. Brown rice    = carb-18.4 gm ,fiber-0.8 gm ,protein-1.9 gm
  3. Quinoa         = carb-64.2 gm ,fiber-7.0 gm ,protein-14.1 gm
  4. Beans     = carb-60.6 gm ,fiber-24.9 gm ,protein-22.9gm
  5. Nuts/seeds  = carb-25.1 gm ,fiber-8.0 gm ,protein-17.5 gm
  6. Oatmeal      = carb-62.8 gm ,fiber-9.0 gm ,protein-13.6 gm
  7. Fruits           = carb-16.9 gm ,fiber-2.0 gm ,protein-0.6 gm
  8. Sweet potato = carb-20.1 gm ,fiber-3.0 gm ,protein-1.6 gm
  9. Vegetables  = carb-22.6 gm ,fiber-1.7 gm ,protein-1.6 gm

Simples carb food list

  1. White bread= carb-51.9 gm ,fiber-2.1 gm ,protein-7.8 gm
  2. Sugar          = carb-100 gm ,fiber-0.0 gm ,protein-0.0 gm
  3. Fruit juices  = carb-18.2 gm ,fiber-0.2 gm ,protein-0.2 gm
  4. White rice   = carb-21.5 gm ,fiber-0.4 gm ,protein-2.1 gm
  5. Muffines     = carb-39.3 gm ,fiber-2.6 gm ,protein-6.1 gm
  6. Candy         = carb-98.0 gm ,fiber-0.0 gm ,protein-0.0 gm
  7. Cookies      = carb-58.8 gm ,fiber-1.2 gm ,protein-5.6 gm
  8. Chips          = carb-53.0 gm ,fiber-0.0 gm ,protein-6.2 gm
  9. Sugary cereals=carb-64.0 gm,fiber-0.0 gm,protein-14.0gm
  10. Pasta         = carb-16.8 gm ,fiber-1.7 gm ,protein-3.2 gm

What happen if we don’t eat carbs?

If we don’t eat carbs then body starts using protein and fat as energy source cause carbs gives us energy.but fat and protein not good source of energy than carbs. If fat as a source of energy then its doesn’t get digested properly. At the time of energy fat release ketones and ketones are acidic in nature so its totally affect on blood cause its make the blood acidic.

Second end protein which are work as building muscles ,nourishing skin . But if we are doing pressure on protein to works as energy source then it totally wrong . Because protein convert into fat and then its release energy. Therefore problems are creating in muscles building process.

Which carb foods is good for our health ?         


Mainly , we want to consume complex carbs which are release slowly to give energy and no any problem of spiking blood sugar levels. For hard gainer , they want to take juices but if our goal is weight loss or fat loss then avoid to take fruit juices. Reason behind that fruit juice contain carbs not fiber instead that whole fruit contain fiber and its taking time to digest and don’t get any problems for spiking blood sugar level.

Best carb sources for breakfast :  

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Fruits (not juice when you in weight loss and fat loss goal)
  3. Sweet potato
  4. Wheat bread
  5. Quinoa

Best carb sources for lunch/dinner :

  1. Brown rice/white rice
  2. Vegetables
  3. Nuts/seeds
  4. Beans

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