Chest workout at Gym for Pure Muscle gain


chest and back

First of all ,We have to understand that we want to do warm up first if we will lift heavy weight. Warm up protect to you from injury so It is an important to each and everyone as well as lift weight according to your strength don’t waste your time to do funny exercise . After we go to Chest workout we know that head of Chest . But we remember that muscle and mind connection is important when you do any muscles exercise. There are two types of head :

1. Sternal Head : Sternal Head is a big muscle group of chest . But for easily understand we have divided into two part and which are MIDDLE CHEST and LOWER CHEST .

2. Clavicular Head : Clavicular head is a small muscles group of chest muscles and also known as UPPER CHEST.
So we are work with exercise for Upper, Lower and Middle chest . This exercise should give you a sexy chest overall.

Hit your overall Chest muscles with this first exercise : (Chest workout at Gym)


chest workout

1. Barbell bench press

Target area : Overall Chest
It’s totally do pressure on overall chest muscles and helps to break your muscle tissues as per your Muscle mind connection.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

2. Inclined Dumbbell Press/Inclined Barbell Press

Target area : Upper Chest
You can do this with a barbell or dumbbell. But highest suggestion is doing this with dumbbell because the range of motion will be increased better than barbell presses. It’s done with bench angle between 45 or 30.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

3. Handle Dip / Decline Dumbbell Press

Target area : Lower Chest                                                                                                                                                             It helps to heat lower chest fiber and easy to break your muscles . But don’t add weight if you are not doing perfect in Free weight . Sometime we gonna pain shoulder during this exercise so I highly recommend a second exercise which is Decline Dumbbell Press :. Its only heat our lower chest . Don’t go in the wrong way to do this exercise because over lifting get you injured.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .
Last but not least for Chest workout at Gym :

4.Peck Deck Fly / Cable Fly

Target area : Upper Chest Pumping
Most of people skip this exercise, but we must want to do this for become sexy shape . This is isolating movement exercise so in this exercise we have to lift light weight and high reps and finally we covered all parts of our chest .
Set1 15-12 ,Set2 12-10, Set3 10-8 .


chest and back workout

Back divided in 4 parts.
1. Upper Traps.
2. Lower Traps
3. Lat
4. Lower Back.
Expect four parts we don’t ignore this especially Rhomboids and its plays important role for postures and shoulder health.

Tips for back workout⇒

1.Firstly Pull from your Elbow :when you do rowing movement .Due to this trick our back muscle will active quickly and become better mind Muscle connection.
2. Retract you scapula It’s good for shoulder health and quick heat our targeted muscles .
3. Use a false grip Due to this trick bicep not involved and which we want to heat then it’s will easily.

So, first compound exercise is

1. Barbell row 

Barbell row is one of the most effective exercise for our back . For this exercise we want to use overhead grip and breath in when you pull weight and breath out when you push weight down .its helps for lat activation.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

2. Pull ups 

This is the second exercise for back . For beginners, it is an important to don’t add weight when you don’t perfect in free weight . Its improve your shoulder health. Pull up is better than chip ups because in this exercise only back is involved not biceps.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

3.T bar row

T bar Row is the perfect exercise for mid back, but if our form will wrong ,then increase the chances of injury .For this exercise we want to retract our scapula and bend our knees and head position should be a line in same position and pull weight from elbows .
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

4. Machine seated Row 


It’s good for beginners , it is an isolation movement so rep should be high .This exercise for lower trap and lat. Use false grip for this exercise because its helps to heating our targeted muscle quickly. Shoulder width grip is better than underhand or close hand grip .the trick is that lean back and pull weight through elbow for perfect form .
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

5. Lower back extension 

Lower back extension is also we use at home .it is free weight exercise as well as with weighted. Whenever we doing this exercise we want to do slowing and feel in lower back muscles . The X mas tree shape will get from lower back extension.
Set1 15-12 ,Set2 12-10, Set3 10-8 .


Shrugs is for growing trap and The trap also involved in back muscles it is part of back muscle and situated on upper portion . For this exercise we want to lift heavy weight .We can do this using barbell as well as Dumbbell.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

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