Foods rich in Fiber in india

Foods rich in Fiber in india |weight loss |2021

Foods rich in Fiber in india is easily available . Every kitchen has find fiber nutritious foods. but we can choose them in our daily routine diet. We want to know about that first then we can add. therefore, this article helps us to provide best information about fiber which are taken in our diet and their benefit to helps improve our health .

What is fiber ?

Fiber is simply type of carbohydrate .Its helps to digest our foods . Its important to add fiber in every heavy meal. There are two types of fiber.

1. Soluble fiber : Soluble fiber attract with water and its helps to control cholesterol . Besides fiber save us from diabetes and blood sugar.Oats,lentils,orange ,apple,nuts,flax seeds,beans,dried pea,cucumbers,celery,carrots ..

2.Insoluble fiber : Its helps to flush out waste material through our body as well as helps us for weight loss.If we take insoluble fiber then its not making you hungry and this reason we will lose our weight easily.brown rice,barley,broccoli,cabbage,Greens beans,Dark leafy vegetable,Root vegetable Skin.

Foods rich in Fiber in india

1.Soluble fiber

Oats :

Oats is one of the best fiber rice food now get in india. It is actually best cereal for weight gain as well as weight loss.The quantity is matter as per your goal.Oatmeal is soluble fiber which attract with water and helps us to keep good gut health. If we can take oats in daily routine then its definitely gives us results.It is also high fiber indian foods for weight loss.

Lentils : Lentils are available in every kitchen in Indian home. For example green moong ,urad dal ,masoor dal,toor dal ,chickpea etc are the best high protein with fiber foods. Its enough carb to gaining weight or losing weight. Generally , we can eat lentils as per our calorie requirement. its help to build muscles aslo.

Orange and Apple : Orange and apple are best fruit in soluble category. obviously, fruit are very important if we want to lose weight or gain weight . Fruits make us activated every time. more nutrients present are there so its important to add 1 or 2 fruit in whole day but in morning.Its count in high fiber foods.

Nuts :

Foods rich in Fiber in india

Nuts are packed with nutrient and healthy fat as well as soluble fiber is present over there. for examples of Nuts are Almond,pecans,walnuts,macadamia nuts. Its best for bone health,assists weight loss and metabolism.

Flax seeds :

Foods rich in Fiber in india

Flax seeds are good option for fiber . its helps us for weight loss whom wants to do weight loss then take serving size of flax seeds daily. other benefits of flax seeds are antioxidants,reduce cholesterol levels,healthy for hair and skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in flax seeds.

Cucumbers and Carrots : Carrots and cucumbers are one of the fiber rich food.Its helps to reduce risk of cancer, take care our heart,helps in digestion.Any suffer in constipation and any stomach problem then add cucumber or carrots in our diet. carrots are better for teeth as well as keep skin good .

2.Insoluble Fiber

Brown rice :Brown rice is best insoluble fiber. Generally,brown rice is use for lean mass gain or weight loss and fat loss. if we want to control our blood sugar level then eat brown rice instead of white rice. its helps in preventing obesity as well as boost nervous system.Importantly, its helps to improving our digestive health.

Barley :

Barley is one of the super foods we can add in our diet .Its flush out wastage material through body. Benefits of barley is promotes intenstial health,helps to lose weight, its best for bone health. Diabetes patients must add Barley cause its control sugar levels in body as well as keep heart healthy.

Broccoli : Broccoli is high in fiber and best thing of its protein rich veggies available in india. its contains many vitamin and minerals . Broccoli is mainly use in fat loss and weight loss . Helps you look younger , boost immune system , for heart and bone health . Means that its a super food and prevents cancer.

Cabbage : Cabbage is cheap and one of the best veggies available in india. Every home we get cabbage in salad or with heavy meal we can add this. Its beneficial for brain health,take care of you bones,fight cancer as well as regulates blood pressure.We can add in high fibre indian diet plan.

Dark leafy vegetable :

Leafy vegetables are flushing toxin or wastage material through our body. Examples of dark leafy vegetables are kale ,spinach ,broccoli ,arugula ,mustard green,bok choy etc. Its burn fat and helps to looking younger as well as provide sun protection.One of the best fibre rich indian food for constipation.

Root vegetable Skin :

Foods rich in Fiber in india

Beets, carrots celery root,onion,yams and potatoes are the best examples and simply available in indian market.Root vegetables high in fiber. Its protect our skin ,keep heart healthy as well as boost our immune system. They are low in calorie so its good for weight loss.


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