Free Diet Plan to lose weight |2000 calories | 2021

Free diet plan to lose weight 2000 calorie Ideas 

Diet play an important role in Fitness or any other health goal. We well known that without diet plan we not reach to goal which we want in our future. Our previous article gives you extreme fat diet plan and now we have create diet plan of 2000 calorie base for us to achieve our fat loss goal . For 1500 cal plan extreme fat loss .

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Free diet plan to lose weight for Vegetarians (2000 cal)

Breakfast Meal 1 (free diet plan to lose weight)

1. Oats 50 gm , 2. Skimmed milk  , 3. Peanut butter 4.Fruit as per availability ( Mostly used apple and banana ) 5. ½ tsp cinnamon powder 6.Whey Protein 33 gm

Take 50 gm of oats and cooked with skimmed milk for 4-5 min on medium flame . Then add peanut butter (Our recommendation is Pintola , ASITIS ) . let ot cool . Add ½ tspn cinnamon powder in it mix well then add apple and 1 banana. This your first meal .

Nutritional value

Breakfast 799 calories Breakfast  799 cal
Whey protein 119 cal protein 47.9 gm
Skimmed milk 75 cal fats 23.6 gm
Oats 204 cal  carbs 100.1 gm
Apple and Banana 88 cal fiber 11.6 gm
Peanut Butter 187 cal

Lunch Meal 2 (free diet plan to lose weight)

1.Cooked rice 250 gm 2. Cauliflower 50 gm Beans 50 gm and peas 30 gms 3. Soya chunk 50 gm

In a bowl add I diced onion , 2 diced tomatoes ,2 green chilly ,1/2 tsp Ginger garlic paste ,1/2 tsp cumin seeds and make puree of these. Then boil soya chunks and add salt for taste and chilly powder if you want. Serve with white rice .

Nutritional value

Lunch 536 cal Lunch 536 cal
Soya chunk 173 cal protein 37.6 gm
Cooked rice 243 cal fats 1.7 gm
All veggies 120 cal  carbs 92.5 gm

Dinner Meal 3

1. Low fat Paneer 200 gm 2. Onion ,capsicum, carrot 3. Brown Bread 4 slices

First you have to boil paneer in medium flame then remove water from paneer . Smash paneer in bowl and chopped onion capsicum and grate carrot in this . If you want to taste then you can add sauces but not much its add little bit. Take two slices of brown bread spread mixture on it . This is our 3rd and last meal for fat loss .

Nutritional value

Dinner 674 cal Dinner 674 cal
Brown bread 273 cal protein 50 gm
all vegetables/sauce 101 cal fats 15.9 gm
paneer 200 gm 300 cal  carbs 84.2 gm


free diet plan to lose weight for non-vegetarians (2000 cal)

Breakfast Meal 1  (free diet plan to lose weight)

1. Oats 50 gm 2. whey Protein 1 scoop 3. peanut butter 1 scoop 4.1 banana

Take 50 gm of Oats in bowl then add warm water in it and mix whey protein and peanut butter 1 scoop each . Then chop banana and garnish it . This is ready your 1 st meal for fat loss .

Nutritional value

Breakfast 674 cal Breakfast 674 cal
Oats 187 cal protein 43.9 gm
Whey Protein 119 cal fats 25.9 gm
peanut butter  196 cal  carbs 68.3 gm


Lunch Meal 2  (free diet plan to lose weight)

1. Mix Vegetables (Carrot/Peas/Beans/Cauliflower),Tomato 2 pc, Garlic 2.Chicken Breast 3. Rice 1 cup .

Chop all vegetables and clean it well . Then make paste of tomato and garlic and fry with coconut oil or olive oil then boil the chicken and add mix vegetable with the tomato gravy. And eat with rice .its our meal 2 for non vegetarians.

Nutritional value

Lunch 672 cal Lunch 672 cal
Chicken breast  164 cal protein 58.0 gm
Rice 291 cal fats 2.9 gm
Veggies 217 cal  carbs 103.6 gm


Dinner Meal 3

1. Brown bred 4 pcs 2. Egg 6 pcs 3. capsicum onion tomato .

Chop Onion capsicum and tomato in medium size .then fry with coconut oil or olive oil till golden brown colour . Then take 4 egg whites and 2 whole egg and add in it. Fry it till done. And take with brown bread . Its a super meal for night . So try this .

Nutritional value

Dinner 695 cal Dinner 695 cal
Brown Bread 273 cal protein 42.3 gm
Veggies 249 cal fats 27.0 gm
Eggs  173 cal  carbs 72.3 gm


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