Hair fall solution at home|Trick and Tips|2021

5 things that effect Hair fall

First we understand cause then hair fall solution at home. Below all causes are depends on their lifestyle . Some people have suffered in stress , some are in poor nutrition or low protein diet and some has genetic issue . So Treatment for hair fall depends on the causes.

1) Stress .
2) A low protein diet .
3) A family history .
4) Poor nutrition .
5) If you take certain medicine or have chemotherapy for cancer, you may also have lose your hair.

hair fall

In Hair loss cases , we have seen cause that is family history . If our primogenitor were suffering hair loss they it may indication for us to hair loss . and its a first cause for hair loss and in this cases we don’t fix our issue easily or chance of fixing is very low .

Fix your diet first its helps to prevent hair loss as well as increase the growth your hair. as a protein source we can go for Milk , cheese , Cottage cheese , soya chunks , Black pea , Sprouts these are add in your diet then somewhere we find way to safe for hair loss . But as usual we want a balanced diet which provide us Healthy fat and Carbs also .
Stress is now common problem for every person . Some people get work stress some have family issue that is normal thing but if we don’t want hair loss then we have to avoid stress in our life.

Hair fall solution at home

Now, we have check out the solution at home which helps us or prevent our hair loss . we have discuss the product which we get easily at home and with helps them we can reduce our hair fall if we follow this tips .


massage oil

Massage your hair with good hair oil, massaging the scalp helps in improving the blood flow to the hair follicles it helps in including relaxation and also reduce your stress to a large extent .There are three oils which helps you to reduce hair fall . Coconut , almond and olive oil . Do this once a weeks .



Aloe vera Juice and neem is good combination for reduce hair loss. For controlling hair we can use leaves . Extract the juice of aloe vera. make powder of neem leaves after drying them . add these two and a few drops of any oil that you use . leave this on scalp and then wash it . repeat this process once a week to get excellent result.


Take the whites of 2 eggs and add about 2 tsp of curd to it .Add a little bit of shikakai powder its a optional if you have then add and mix it . Apply on hair as well as on scalp deeply make sure that covered all area  . Leave this on for about 30 min and rinse it off to reduce hair fall .


Onion is best home remedies for hair loss . if we are suffered this go for this option . Take 1 onion blend it well and make juice of it . apply on scalp for 30 min and wash it well . After rinse hair don’t apply any other product on hair for this day do this once a week its enough .

Hair fall solution at home with adding some nutritional foods ?

Now, we have given top 5 foods which are add in our diet and increase maximum chances of hair growth. We have known that if we want healthy hair then we must concentrate in our diet then we can go for home remedies .

1. Soya bean
Soya bean or soy products are good for hair growth because bunch of healthy nutrient , an imbalance of which is thought to contribute to hair loss. Also studies have shown that compounds in soybeans may promote hair growth. Nutrient : Protein ,Iron, omega 3 ,vitamin B2 , magnesium. Eat 40gm twice a week.

2. Spinach
Spinach and the other dark leafy green provide Iron, then is an essential mineral that your hair cells require .in fact, a deficiency of iron in the body may cause hair loss. Nutrient : Vitamin A , C and K ,B Vitamin, potassium ,folate. Add in daily routine you get protein as well as good fiber.

3. Sweet potato                                                                                                                                      hair loss solution Sweet potato is a good source for reduce hair fall . A medium sweet potato provide more than four times your daily vitamin A needs And Vitamin A is good for healthy hair . Nutrients : Vitamin A,C and B, magnesium potassium ,folate. Eat 1 medium sweet potato at least trice a week.

4. Citrus 🍊

citrus food
Our body requires Vitamin C for iron absorption therefore you need to add Citrus fruits to your diet .Vitamin C is also required for the production of collagen that make capillaries that convert to the hair shaft strong .Best source are Guava ,lemon , Amla ,raw mango ,orange. Eat make sure to eat one Citrus fruit daily.

5. Nuts
Nuts provide a wide variety of B vitamin, zinc and essential fatty acids. Deficiency of any of these nutrient linked to hair loss. Nuts are rich in Nutrients like Vitamin E,B ,zinc and essential fatty acids, all helps for hair growth and reduce hair fall . Eat soaked and dry nuts daily.

Hair fall control tips :

Now this is home remedies but main thing is nutrition which we take in a day. Protein base diet play an important role for hair growth as well as avoid to apply hair colour ,hair straightening , using of hair dryer and sulphate base shampoo. Don’t comb hair if our hairs will wet neither hair comes out from root and increase chance of bald .


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