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As summer begins, many ailments begin to take hold on the head. Either the laziness of the sun and the problems that occur in it are very feverish. They start getting hot, dehydration, cold, fever and epidemic. Excessive fatigue in the body these days weakens the immune system. So these diseases start to occur. Sweating is one of the most common skin diseases.When sweating starts, the skin becomes itchy. If this is not taken into account. So the whole body is filled with fine lumps. If you also suffer from sweating, you should take care of your skin at the right time. What is sweating? Let’s find out the sweaty solutions.

What Is Prickly ? 

Sweat means Prickly Heat. This includes fine pimples on the body. In summer, sweat is excreted from the body. If the sweat does not clear the skin, it will remain a rash on the skin. These pimples are red and thin. It has fine thorns. Hence it is called Prickly. It is itchy on the body.Itching causes the area to turn red. Sweaty nails start to bleed. If proper care is taken after sweating, it is very important to take care of the skin for the sweating to heal quickly. So some simple measures can be taken to take proper care of it.

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat

Well covered, it will stand up to many adverse conditions. Some home remedies work best on sweat. We will also learn how to use sweat remedies.

♦ Multani soil


Multani soil is very useful. She is very cold by nature. Multani soil works to cool the skin. Multani soil reduces itching of sweat. Even if the body is red from itching, it gives relief. Its regular use leads to restful sleep. If children have such sweats around the neck or on the back, you should use Multani mud on their body.

How To Use:
Bring Multani soil and soak it well in water. Let it soak completely for a while. Once the soil is well absorbed into the water, apply it to the sweat with a light hand or with the help of a soft brush. This will help reduce skin inflammation immediately. After drying the multani soil, remove it with cold water. Cold water baths are very beneficial these days.

♦ Aloe vera


If your skin is red from sweating, it can cause a lot of irritation. In this case, aloe vera is beneficial. Aloe vera gives relief. Aloe vera extract is also very beneficial for other skin disorders. So if the sweat is too much and it turns red, then you should put cold aloe vera on it. It doesn’t matter if you plant aloe vera whenever you feel the burning sensation.

How To Use:
If you have aloe vera or gel, keep it in the fridge for a while. Once it cools down, apply it on the sweat. So you get relief. Do this only twice a day. Don’t experiment too often. This is because it can cause heat in the body.

♦ Ice


If you want to cool something down quickly, ice works best. The snow gives you the coolness you need. If you want to get some immediate relief from the sweat, you can turn the ice on it for a while. So you get relief.

How To Use:
Do not apply ice directly to the body. Wrap the ice in a thin cloth instead. Then get it to the place where the snow is sweating and you will definitely get relief.

♦ Oatmeal

Oats are used in different ways and for different purposes. Oats also work very well on skin disorders. The use of oats cools the skin quickly. In addition, redness of pimples, acne and pimples is reduced. If the wound is itchy due to sweating, it also helps to heal the wound.

How To Use:
Soak the oats in water for about 5 minutes. Don’t put anything in it. When the oats are well soaked, pulp them by hand and apply it to the skin. Even if oats are applied to the whole body, it does not have any adverse effects. So you can use it without hesitation.

♦ Neem

Neem has antibacterial properties. It helps to reduce the risk of infection in the body due to its use. It is often recommended to use neem to reduce the appearance of bumps on the body. Neem face pack is great for the face. it is also best home remedies for Prickly Heat .

How To Use:
If you plan to use neem for sweating, boil the neem leaves in hot water. After this water cools down, take a bath with this water. You will definitely get relief from it.

♦ Baking soda
Baking soda also cleanses the skin. So it works to reduce blisters on the skin. Therefore, baking soda is used in many places. But for some people, baking soda can be a nuisance. If you have this problem, you should avoid using baking soda.

How To Use:
Take baking soda and soak it. Baking soda and water combine to form bubbles. As soon as such bubbles come, you put them on the sweat. Your sweat will be crushed for a while but then you will definitely get relief.

♦ Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood powder also works as a cooling agent. It is very expensive. So there is no guarantee that it will be readily available. But using sandalwood powder will definitely give you a little coolness. Applying sandalwood powder directly on the body will definitely give you relief. Sandalwood powder is best home Remedies for Prickly Heat .

How To Use:
Soak sandalwood powder in rose water to make a very thin paste. Apply this sandalwood powder on the sweaty area and you will definitely get relief.

♦ Rose water
Rose water also acts as a cooling agent. If you want to cool down by constantly sprinkling something on the sweat, you can take rose water with you. Rose water helps you to cool down quickly. In addition, if you have redness due to sweating, rose water also helps to reduce this redness.

How To Use:
Rose water spray is available in the market. Sweat whenever possible. So you will get cool immediately. Rose water does not harm the skin in any way so its use is very beneficial.

♦ Prikli Hit Powder
The readymade option available in the market is Prikli Hit Powder. Talcum powder is made by adding many different ingredients. So it helps to stop sweating. This is an easy option if you want to relax on sweat. It is definitely a relief.

How To Use:
Prikli hit powders are a bit heavy. So a little planting is enough. Often this powder cools down quickly. But some people’s skin is more likely to be blackened by this powder.

♦ Lemon


Lemons contain vitamin C. The skin needs a lot of vitamins. The use of lemon is also very beneficial for many skin diseases. Properly used, it can benefit you. Absorbs sweat and keeps the body free from sweat.

How To Use:
Do not use lemon directly on the skin and sweat at all. Add lemon juice to your cold water and take a bath with such water. If you take a bath with lemon water, you will definitely get relief.

FAQ’s on Home Remedies On Prickly Heat

1. Does sweating have this serious skin type?
As the heat intensifies, the body gets large blisters due to heat. Large blisters appear on the neck, back and chest. These blisters start appearing where the sweat stops. This type occurs when severe. When sweating increases and itches. Excessive itching can cause bleeding. Therefore, it needs to be treated properly.

2. Which vitamin is good for sweating?
Vitamin C is a good supplement for any skin type. The skin may have lost moisture. So vitamin C replenishes it. So it is okay for you to consume citrus fruits or vitamin tablets.

3. How long does sweating last?
Sweat stays for about a week. The amount of water in the body and with proper care, sweating gradually decreases. But it also takes time for your sweat to heal, depending on the nature of the body.

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