How to boost immune system when sick|2021

immune booster

In this Article we have discuss about cheap and healthy Food that boost immune system . Immunity is a system and system made by cells i.e immune cells or immune cell system as well as some proteins are there. They are works together means they fight against viruses and protect our body from viruses so we have survive year and years.How to boost immune system when sick?

But if we have weak immune system then is it impossible to protect our body from viruses . It is an important to build strong immune system .We have discuss 10 top foods which are helping us to boost immune system naturally not need to take medicine from this and no any side effect are occurred .so try all foods or add these foods in our diet in daily basis .

How to boost immune system when sick to adding foods


Source of manganese , vitamin B , vitamin C and selenium . Garlic find every kitchen it’s a good healthy food include in all recipe . its supports immune system. Powerful antioxidant support . Support  healthy blood  pressure and cholesterol . Prevent and stop hair loss also.


food that boost immune system

Ginger is best food for our health.source of vitamin C , magnesium , copper ,potassium and manganese. It is best immune booster as well as useful for reducing the nausea and vomiting from pregnancy. Ginger provide gastrointestinal relief .


We are well know that turmeric and its use in every meal .,One of the best and cheap immune booster .Vitamin b6 ,vitamin C ,vitamin E ,potassium ,iron manganese and zinc are present in turmeric . It is anti inflammatory natural antibiotic food as well as It is useful for improving digestion .

4.Citrus fruits

food that boost immune system

Citrus food contain vitamin C . so vitamin C is very helpful for boosting immune system. Lemon, orange are the best example for citrus fruit. We can take or add in our diet in corona pandemic period . Improve Skin and aid with heart health and cholesterol levels.


Spinach contain vitamin A ,B9 and K as well as minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese .it is very useful for Strengthens your immune system. Its helpful for health of bones ,eyesight and skin. Promotes heart health and keep us energized.


immune booster carrot

Carrot contain much amount of minerals and vitamins like potassium ,calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc ,niacin, pantothenic acid. It is good immune booster. So, We have to take twice or trice per week. Carrots clean the teeth like brush. Carrot flush toxin throughout from our body.



Almond contain vitamin E and calcium . it’s a one of the best immune booster for us as well as very beneficial for our skin brain and heart health. Its good for pregnancy. Prevent cancer blood sugar and blood pressure controls. We must add almond in our diet for healthy life.Its good for weight gain and weight loss.


Mushroom contain vitamin B2 ,B3 ,b5 ,B6 And minerals like Copper ,Selenium, Phosphorous ,iron.Boosts immune system , lower cholesterol level helps prevent cancer, improve bone health. It is effective remedy for anemia . It should be noted , its helps to regulates insulin levels in body.So Mushroom in our diet its very beneficial for us. add this occasionally.


immune booster beeries

Blueberries loads of antioxidants and best immune booster. It is useful for eyesight and brain.Strawberries contain more vitamin C than orange .Its is very helpful for boosting immune system.Without any doubt Raspberries is rich in fiber and antioxidants that support a healthy heart. Blackberries also best source of fiber it is anthocyanin that helps ease inflammation .

10.Fermented Foods

Fermented foods like cultured milk and yogurt , wine ,beer cider .fermented food are also help to fight with viruses means boosting immune system. Fermented foods are rich in pro-biotic bacteria .For good digestion it is very important .Its helpful for Hearth health as well as skin teeth health.





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