How to Reduce body fat |Best 10 Way|2021

How to Reduce body fat

In this article,we have discuss 10 way about how to reduce body fat within a month to do disciplines and follow all steps. Reduce fat from body not to easy but possible if we are follow steps which are given below in daily routine.Body fat increase cause of fries foods,high carbs food ,eat unhealthy fat foods ,bore to eat veggies as well as tension.but we are not able to take care about our health therefore we fight  with obesity and fat.

Best 10 way to Reduce Body fat 

1.Eat Lean Protein

how to reduce body fat

We know that balanced diet is how important for muscle building or healthy life. As usual we want take lean protein daily basic. The requirement of Protein for our body is body weight into as per our activities. example of lean protein is white fleshed fish plain greek yogurt , Beans Peas and lentils ,Skinless white meat poultry , Low fat cottage cheese . these food add in your diet and take alternate its working for us.

2.Reduce Sugar from Your Diet

Sugar is high calories food and its simple carbs .Simple carbs are harmful for our overall health. More of disease are occur because of sugar . So we want to remove adding sugar in our diet . Consuming high amount of sugar is indicate insulin spiking and if our imbalance blood sugar level direct connect to Diabetes .Avoid all sugar base food till now and stay healthy.

3.Manage Stress

Stress is not a abstract concept.Stress affect on our brain ,heart ,muscles means that overall body. More than people use meditation for manage stress. We want to spend time with family because this our stress level will be decrease . make friend for sharing our problems that we dont explained in front of family. More of stress flow doing us bad habits such as angry behaviours, insomnia (difficult for sleeping).

4.Increase Green Leafy Vegetables

how to reduce fat

Green leafy vegetables are Pack of minerals and vitamin. Vitamin and minerals are regulates our body function. So its an important increase green vegetables in our diet such as spinach,broccoli ,kale,collard green,cabbage,bok coy,parsley .more that 30 % people in world bore to eat green vegetable and that is very bad fo our stomach health as well as body function also decrease.

5.Fresh Lemon In Warm Water

We all well known that lemon benefit.Lemon is good source of electrolytes.If we take Lemon in warm water with empty stomach then we get more benefits. Lemon keep you looking younger.helps to weight loss and glow you skin .Its a powerful fruit for diabetes.great for oral health.lemon may help with kidney stones, immunity as well as heart health.

6.No White Carbs

White carbs hurt our health because first it has simple carbs which spike insulin levels.White rice,white flour and white sugar are the examples of white carbs.Its increase your weight fast and if we take white carb till long time then its create a problems . White carbs are good for whom they want to gaining weight or they do gym or hit body 4 to 5 day in a week but depend upon their goal. eating to much saturated fat is risk factor for heart health.

7.Consume Healthy Fat

Fat is an essential macro nutrient for our body. But we have to consume only healthy fat because its provide protection for internal organ as well as provides energy. There are three types of healthy fat

1.Saturated fats such as meat,eggs .dairy and coconut oil.

2.Unsaturated fats like meat ,avocado and olive oil

3.Poly saturated fats i.e. oily fish and sunflower oil…

8.Exercise ( Intense )

Exercise is become you younger and fit. Free weight and weighted whichever exercise we should do in a day. Calories burn is equal to healthy body. Skinny guy wants to do heavy weight and low rep. their opposite for bulky guy wants to light weight and high rep. This a strategy to doing perfect muscle gain. Jogging ,running or morning walking are also best for fat loss but base on you calorie intake.

9.Drink 2/3 Litre Water per Day

Water is best source of fat loss. body function is controlled by water. So Drink 3.5 litre water for men and 3 litre water for women. Drinking water is good habit as well as good for digestion system. Its an important to drink water at wake up also take gap between lunch or dinner, neither its cause indigestion or stomachache.

10.Avoid Fast Food / High Calories Juices

Now this generation we are very excited to eat fast food but we don’t know it’s very harmful for our health. Fast foods damaged our digestive system. If we take too much fast foods then fat level increase in our body and after its very difficult to us. Same juices are healthy but they haven’t fiber content so if we eat whole fruits then it’s beneficial for us.

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