Is hair dryer good for hair?Take care about 7 things |2021

Is hair dryer good for hair?

Hair drying is a good option to dry in the sun .But if the weather is cloudy, rainy or cold, you need to use a dryer to dry your hair .If you use a dryer regularly, then you need to know the disadvantages and precautions.

Hairdryers are used to give new hair textures to the hair but the disadvantages of these are also immediately apparent. Excessive use of hair dryer detracts from the natural beauty of the hair. So using it on a daily basis increases the problems like dandruff, bleaching, dullness and dryness in the hair. This causes the hair to become dull and lifeless and breaks. One of the reasons for this loss is the heat released from it which damages the hair follicles and makes the hair brittle.

7 things we should know about using Hair Dryer

Keep Distance from the Hair

When using a hair dryer, keep in mind that the distance from the hair should be 6 to 9 inches. If you do not do this, the hair will become dry and it will break quickly. If you using hairdryer then keep distance between hair and dryer neither it will get worst result for your hair.

Nourishment Serum

Is hair dryer good for hair

Nourishment serum should be applied to the hair before using the dryer. So that the heat of the dryer does not cause any damage to the hair and the hair remains soft. Serum provides smoothness to our hair as well as provides shine. Using of nourishment serum get healthy results for a long time.

According to your Hair type

It is advisable to use a hairdryer according to your hair type. As the hair is curly, dry, soft or silky. You will need temperature or time accordingly. Some people have curly then as per temperature we have to use dryer. If any soft hair person use dryer in very hot temperature then its affect on hair any hairs are started falling.

Conditioning Hair

Don’t forget to condition the hair before using the dryer. Often, improper use can lead to hair drying, which can lead to breakage. Conditioners are available in this market but use good conditioner for our hair but don’t apply on scalp. We have to use conditioner only upper side of hair not till follicles.

Use a Cold Dryer

If possible then reduce usage of hairdryer for dry hair or use a cold hairdryer. These contain iron; they are positive and have less heat in the air. Use branded hairdryer because their temperature are adjusting type and branded hair dryers are not affecting our scalp.

Apply Oil

massage oil

If you need to use a hairdryer, apply oil to the hair regularly. This will provide adequate nutrition to the hair. It is an important to apply oil on hair at least 3 to 4 times in weeks. After a apply oil on hair our hair will shine and they will get nutrition and it’s a necessary thing. Every home has availed of coconut oil it’s a normal. So use these regularly its better neither use 3 to 4 time as per your possibility.

Diet to keep Hair Strong

Special attention should be paid to diet to keep hair strong and nourished. Include Alma, green leafy juices, yogurt in your diet to nourish the hair. Now last but not least it’s very important to know about diet .we have to fix our diet with healthy fat, protein and crabs its helps us for hair and if we using dryer or straighteners then it’s not directly affecting to our hair.

Now , we are know that what the thing which are affect if we use hairdryer in wrong way and using continuously but If we want to look handsome or beautiful then reduce the usage of hairdryer because It will make our appearance worse through hair loss ,dandruff and more hair issue.



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