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Learn about stomach disorders and remedies .Stomach problems are on the rise these days. The causes of stomach disorders can be various. However, changed lifestyles, increasing pollution, poor eating habits, addiction, unhygienic conditions, insufficient sleep and mental disorders are more likely to worsen your stomach health.That’s why you need to get a good night’s sleep. All of these things slowly begin to affect your digestion. Impaired digestion leads to various ailments. For this, the stomach should always be cleansed in a natural way.

stomach disorders and remedies

1. Types of stomach disorders
2. Preventive treatment
3. When do you need to see a doctor if you have a stomach ache?
4. Medical treatment of stomach disorders
5. Some questions about stomach disorders

Types of stomach disorders

1. Indigestion

Due to poor digestion of food, you start feeling indigestion. This causes bloating and pain in the abdomen. Due to poor digestion of food, it is difficult for it to pass through the intestines. Which causes bloating in the intestines and bloating in the stomach. Obstruction of this process causes the food stuck in the stomach to rot. Rotten food causes gas in the stomach. Causing pain in the abdomen. This is why it is necessary to treat bloating.


2.Abdominal pain


1.Wrong lifestyle
2.Improper diet
3.Eating unhealthy
5.Late night meal
6.Insufficient sleep at night

Home remedies for indigestion

•Bake on ova tawa, bite it and drink lukewarm water on it which will give you immediate relief.

•Add sandhav and asafoetida in ginger juice and lick.

•Cut ginger into small pieces, add salt and bite. Ginger juice releases gas in your stomach and reduces stomach pain.

•Take cumin powder and ginger with lemon juice before meal. Ginger and cumin will help digest food.

•Put asafoetida in water, drink it and apply it on the stomach. The smell of asafoetida will reduce the discomfort caused by indigestion. Reducing the gas will bring relief.

•Eat a ripe banana every morning.

•Eat fiber

2.Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS

If a person suffers from abdominal pain, gas, constipation for three to four consecutive months, then he is more likely to have irritable bowel syndrome. IBS is a disorder of the stomach and intestines that causes inflammation of the intestines. IBS disorder causes constipation which does not clear the toilet. According to a research, this problem is more prevalent in the elderly. The main reason for this may be vitamin D deficiency in the elderly.For some time after taking vitamin D supplements, constipation and bloating appear to be reduced. In addition, this disease is also related to your mental state. Excessive stress and depression can also cause this condition.

Irritable Bowel Symptoms

1.Acute abdominal pain

Irritable Bowel Causes

1.Improper diet
2.Eating flour
4.Going on an addictive diet
5.Doing sedentary work
9.Vitamin D deficiency

Home Remedies For Irritable Bowel

•Drink warm water to relax the stomach. Warm water helps to get rid of stomach gas.

•Take one teaspoon of Triphala powder with a glass of lukewarm water. Triphala powder cleans the stomach and relieves stomach ache.

•Bite the basil leaves. This is because basil leaves have anti-ulcer properties. Which makes you less prone to indigestion and acidity.

•Before going to bed at night, put ova in lukewarm oil and massage your stomach with that oil.


Normal body is formed in the liver. Shrikrishna Srishti Pitru Pitrutva sixty demands. Cereals or bile views time. In the Jeva movement, Kalvik Dhanyapanchan is the bile terror to the earth no. Whose panchakriyas are smooth. Diet low in spicy, oily foods low in fiber but bile standardized unbalanced. Certification of bile in which bile stones are made.If these stones are small in size, they are carried through the intestines. However, if these stones are large in size, they get stuck in the gallbladder and cause inflammation of the gallbladder. Infection with gallstones can be life threatening. Let’s know gallstones home remedies, symptoms and causes.

Gallstones Symptoms

1.Abdominal pain
5.Sour belch

Gallstones Causes

1.Impairment of metabolism
3.Wrong diet
4.Lack of exercise
5.Intake of unhealthy substances

Home Remedies For Gallstones

•Soak black currants and figs in water at night and drink it in the morning.

•If you are suffering from gallstones, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

•Take the juice of watermelon leaves twice a day. Which will help dissolve gallstones.

•Gokharu, an ayurvedic powder, should be consumed. Because gooseberry helps to detox your liver.

•Use turmeric in daily meals. This is because turmeric reduces gallstones. Also, if you are having trouble, take a lick of turmeric and honey. Which can give you relief.


stomach disorders and remedies

Constipation causes constipation due to hard stools in the stomach. It can be caused by not having enough fiber in the diet or by certain medications. It can also be caused by doing sedentary activities with limited physical activity. Lack of water and fiber makes the stool difficult which makes it impossible to defecate. Feeling unwell if constipation occurs.

Constipation Symptoms

3.Bleeding from the toilet

Constipation Causes

1.Unhealthy diet
2.Drink less water
3.Not eating a high fiber diet
4.Tired of going to the toilet

Home Remedies For Constipation

•Take lemon and castor oil in lukewarm water. Because castor oil cleanses your stomach and reduces constipation.

•Eat soaked figs. Figs contain a lot of fiber which helps in cleansing the stomach.

•Drink buttermilk with meals. Taka helps in better digestion of food.

•Roast lazy seeds and eat its powder. Lazy has a lot of fiber which reduces constipation.

•Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Because drinking less water can make you suffer from constipation.


Stomach upset will not happen if proper care is taken before treating stomach upset. This includes getting to bed on time and getting up on time, not eating too much, eating a balanced diet, exercising for at least 30 minutes every day, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and consulting a doctor on time if you have a stomach ache.

Medical Treatment For Stomach disorders and remedies

If you have a stomach ache, your doctor will examine you and give you some medications and painkillers that will ease your pain for a while. If you still have abdominal pain after that, the doctor will do a sonography for a preliminary examination. You are treated according to the results shown on the sonography.If you suffer from gallstones, some tests are done to find out the amount first. Medical treatment is given according to the size of gallstones. Gallstones are often removed by laparoscopy. However, in case of frequent gallstones, the patient’s gallbladder is surgically removed.

Some questions about stomach disorders and remedies

1. What measures should be taken to improve the digestive system?
To improve the digestive system, one should take regular nutritious food, drink plenty of water and make appropriate lifestyle changes. Which can undo your damaged digestive system.

2. What are the simple tricks to get rid of stomach disorders?
A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular exercise is an easy way to get rid of stomach ailments.

3. What is the first treatment for abdominal pain?
If you have stomach ache, first massage your stomach with lukewarm oil and shake with a bag of hot water. Which can help expel flatulence. If the stomach pain does not stop after that, you must consult your doctor.

4. Is there any connection between abdominal pain and mental stress?
Yes, of course, a lot of research has shown that there is a link between abdominal pain and stress. Because mental illness or depression can cause back pain, headaches, abdominal pain. In such cases there is no medical reason for abdominal pain.However, the patient still feels severe pain in the abdomen. Mental condition affects physical condition. When your mind is surrounded by depression and negative thoughts. At that time, its effect on the body gradually becomes visible.
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