Top Leg workout & Shoulder Workout |2021

Hey , In this article ,you have cleared the exercise which we want at gym for Leg and Shoulder workout with set and rep . Leg is big muscle part in our body . Its an important to train leg in per week. because due to leg training our testosterone is boost and we get results in overall body. same as shoulder is also main body part so we have train too.

How to do leg workout ? 

Leg is most important part of the body & If we are passionate of gym or sports activity then we have to train legs because legs is base of our body.
In this article, We introduce the leg anatomy and all parts of leg . So we divided legs into four muscles group that is

1. Quadriceps     : Front muscles of leg.
2. Hamstring       : Back muscle of leg.
3. Glutes             : Back muscle of leg.
4. Calves              : Situated front as well as back.

leg workout

1. BACK SQUAT ( Leg Workout )

This is most effective compound exercise for quadriceps. this exercise helps you overall development of legs and It has been show all the development comes from Squat . So, You understand that how is essential or important for leg development but most than people cant do this exercise because knee pain or mobility issue . So what I suggest if you are beginner or intermediate then till do with light weight unless your form wont correct .
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

2. LEG PRESS ( Leg Workout )

This is effective for Quad , Hamstring as well as Glutes also but major growth come from Quadricep. we can do this in different feet movement or different position for hitting our quads also we can change feet position as usual close or wide as per you want.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .


Romanian Deadlift is one of best exercise for Hamstring even our glutes are activate during this exercise . but our targeted muscle is hamstring . we can understand how we do this first You have to keep barbell on rack and take shoulder grip .You need to stand as close to the barbell , take a deep breath , pull away barbell through rack and going slowing down , Repeat it .
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .


Glutes has an important role in all the exercise i.e bench press , deadlift as well as in shoulder exercise. Genetically , most of people have weak glutes and reason is they don’t train their glutes properly .
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .


Calves is almost weak part of the body if we don’t train it but we can do strong through doing their exercise . calves divided into two muscles .
Seated Calves Raises
The soleus is a muscle located on the back part of your lower leg that is highly involved in standing and walking.                               Set1 15-12 ,Set2 12-10, Set3 10-8.
Standing Calves Raises
The Gastrocnemius muscle lies on top of the soleus and is primarily involved in running and jumping.                                                 Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .

How to do shoulder workout ? 

In this article , you have cleared that how to train shoulder with exercise and which exercise made our 3D shoulder .in should workout , Remember that If you want taper look V-shape posture then you need to do make development of shoulder. But problem is that our glenohumeral joint is very sensitive joint . Most of peoples are do mistake between train to shoulder and because of wrong form the chances of injury would be increased as well as issue created in shoulder mobility.

shoulder workout

So, we explain how we can do safe workout . But before that we clear the anatomy of shoulder .we divide in three parts and which are :

1. Front  : Anterior Deltoid
2. Side    : Middle Deltoid
3. Back   : Posterior Deltoid

Now , Anterior Deltoid is already hit in incline , decline chest press but we need to introduce basic compound movement for become strong Deltoid.


Barbell Shoulder Overhead Press is one of the best exercise if you want to grow shoulder and hit that interior Deltoid. But do it carefully and correct form . It is better that do standing.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .


Some of the people say it’s a best exercise but my experience that in this exercise , our shoulder is not hit perfectly therefore one of the best replacement exercise is
ARNOLD DB PRESS : Remember that if we hit any head of shoulder then elbows play an important role . The different elbows position hit different part of shoulder. If elbow is inward and palm is front of our face then in this case interior Deltoid will activate therefore we prefer Arnold press for interior Deltoid do seating its get better results.
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .


Lateral raise is best for side delt but if our form wont correct then increase injury chances. Shoulder doesn’t go in vulnerable position and its care in our hand . Correct way is that retract our scapula , depress and lift weight front position . We do two variation that is 1. Cable lateral Raise 2. Resistance band lateral raise .
Now , we train most ignore part of shoulder and that is Posterior, we include two exercise in our shoulder workout .
Set1 12-10 ,Set2 10-8, Set3 8-6 .


First of all we don’t use heavy weight for this exercise .Make sure that your form should be correct . In this shoulder workout training , we can use two type grip
1. Neutral grip : palm will goes forward neither we can use 2. Pronated grip : palm facing downward . We can use any grip but muscle mind connection is important.
Set1 15-12 ,Set2 12-10, Set3 10-8 .


If we want 3D shoulder then it’s helps you. This is for Rear Deltoid .when rope or cable pull towards your face that time rotate your Elbow then obviously your rear heat well. Again don’t pull heavy weight for this exercise through bicep ,it’s totally work through how you pull from elbow and results are there.
Set1 15-12 ,Set2 12-10, Set3 10-8 .

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