Workout Meals-Pre and Post workout meals-2021

Pre & Post workout meals are an essential for every person who start his workout session for weight loss, weight gain as well as muscle gain. We can take pre workout before 20 or 40 min of workout depends upon the meals category. Pre-workouts are define protein and carbohydrate. They helps you to provide energy and muscles gain.
Pre workout meals design is totally depend upon our goal If we are in weight loss then carbs intake will be less. So make sure that you have to know that what is our goal and what I will take ?

 Pre-workout meals for weight Gain

Meal 1. Banana and egg white

Banana is source of carbs and high calorie food . It contains vitamin B6 and B12 and most important It has potassium and magnesium .It is best pre workout for weight gain .Egg White is a source of protein (albumins, mucoproteins & globulins).It is a non fat food so no any problem If you take pre-workout .

Meal 2. Banana and whey protein

Same as above banana has high amount of vitamins and whey protein contains essential amino acids, which absorbs quickly and helps to repair our muscle tissues.

Meal 3. Potatoes and Curd

It is potassium food ,high in vitamin c and also vitamin B . Potato is a good source of carbs and If you take with curd, then its amazing combination of carbs and protein . Curd is rich in sodium and potassium dairy product .

Meal 4. Brown Bread and Peanut butter

Brown Bread is whole grain flour . It is a good source of fiber .It contains vitamin B6 , Iron , Magnesium and Potassium and Peanut Butter is high in protein and healthy fat . Its helps you to repair our muscle tissue.

Pre-workout meals for weight Loss

1. Black coffee and banana

Coffee contains caffeine And it is good for boosting Metabolism . Its helps you lose weight and I think it is good for weight loss Pre-workout and take only 1 banana before you go to gym.

2. Oats with water and banana

We Know that Oats are the plant base product . It is high in carb and fiber and a small amount of protein source . The combination of good micronutrients in it . So we have used this as a Pre-workout with 1 banana . It definitely helps you for in weight loss .

3. Dry fruits (Almond )

workout meals almond

Almond is rich in protein, fiber and fat . So it is a good combination of food which is helping us body functional activity and for weight loss .It contains Vitamin E ,Manganese and magnesium . Almond contains copper and vitamin B2 also .

4. Egg White and Brown bread

Its meal is normal and very rich Pre-workout meal for weight loss . As we know that An egg white contain protein and carb source is brown bread .So try this and change your meal as per day to day , then you don’t bore to having anything.

Exact timing to take :

Before 25 min :
◊Banana and egg white
◊Banana and whey protein
◊Black coffee and 1 banana
◊Dry fruit almond and raisin

Before 40 min :
◊Brown Bread and Peanut butter
◊Oats with water and 1 banana
◊Egg White and Brown bread
◊Potatoes and curd

Post workout meals for Muscle gain and Fat loss

Post workout meals are an essential . When we  do any exercise then our muscle tissue will damaged and then we want the meal and that is post workout  therefore It’s an important meal after workout. Because we want amino acid after our muscle breakdown and amino acid get from protein. So protein is main macro-nutrient in Post workout meals.

We discuss this topic with best 5 post-workout meals  for muscle gain and weight loss as well as  gain .So first meal should be :

1. Chicken Breast + Rice + Light Veggies :

workout meals

Chicken Breast is a good protein source for Post workout. It contains essential amino acid which we want for repair muscle. I have preferred boiled chicken cause it contains perfect amount of protein, which we require after workout for muscle repairing . For energy , we have to take rice its a good carbohydrate source and for fiber you take veggies. But if you are in weight loss goal then don’t take white rice with chicken breast take brown rice .

2. Egg whites + Bread ( Brown / White ) :

Egg white is cheapest protein source in world . Its absorbs very quickly in our body. Consumed 5 to 6 egg white after workout is better and enough for muscle gain . Take 1-2 brown Bread slice ( as per your calorie count ) with white egg for energy it is good source of carbs and its helps you muscle gain if you take after workout . But if you want gain weight then I highly recommended to go for white bread or buns.

3.Protein Shake + 1 Banana :

Whey is good source of protein for after workout . Whey is fast digestible protein source and if you take this after workout, then you get automatically good result and its take with water if you are in weight loss goal .But main thing is that if you take whey protein then consume at least 5 litre of water for male and 3.5 ltr of water for the female neither you will get issue through kidney and as carbs source you can take the banana/white bread .

4. Oatmeal Protein :

Oatmeal is a good option for post workout . Add 1 scoop of whey protein in oats with water (weight loss)/milk(weight gain) and take its for post workout . It helps to repair our muscle fastest .So try this for post workout. Oat has good fiber so its good food for our Stomach .

5.Cottage cheese with banana :

cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is fresh cheese curd product .It is high protein dairy product and its a beneficial for post workout .For carbs take one banana. But weight loss and weight gain is totally depends upon you calorie intake so as per your calorie intake you customize this food for post workout meals.



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