Protein Rich food for vegetarians

Protein Rich food veg | Top 13 add in your diet |2021

Some people are non vegetarians but some are eggetarian or vegetarian .So they have problems to take protein from veg foods. Most of veg foods are missing amino acids profile or they are not rich in protein which we want in daily routine .We have discuss 13 Protein Rich food for vegetarians which helps you to gaining weight , building muscles and during fat loss session with their nutritional fact . Protein is very important for muscle gain but how we can choose foods which are rich in protein in veg . It is not too difficult but choosing wrong food gives you bad results .

Protein Rich food vegan


Oats is high protein and good fiber food available in world . Its a good source for muscle building , fat loss and weight gain . 100 gm of oats contain 62.8 gm carb , 13 gm of protein , 7.6 gm of fats and 11 gm of fiber .


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Chia seeds are in black colour and very good for our digestive system . its helps to digest foods . chia seeds are use in smoothie also.100 gm of chia seed contain 42.1 gm of carbs ,16.5 gm of protein, 30.7 gm of healthy fat and 34.4 g of fiber . but serving size is 20 to 30 gm .It is best Protein Rich food veg .


Peas are one the best vegan food which has good amount of protein and its a good source of fiber. most of people are add this food in our diet in daily bases. 100 gm of Pea contain 15.9 gm of carbs , 7.2 gm of protein 0.1 gm of fats and 8.6 gm of fiber .


As we know whole wheat bread is good source of protein and fiber . its made from whole wheat so its a complex cabs and complex carbs digest slowly and helps in muscle building . 2 slices of whole wheat bread contain 28.7 gm of carb , 6.0 gm of protein, 2.0 gm of fat and 2.4 gm fiber.


Soya products are high in protein . but serving of soy product should be not more than 40 gm for men. Soy milk contain vitamin and minerals so its healthy food for everyone especially women.100 ml soy milk contain 6.3 gm of carbs ,3.3 gm of protein ,1.8 gm of fats .


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Rich dry fruit for nutrition one of the best dry fruit is it. Almond has healthy fat and its good for healthy skin mean that beauty. Daily intake of almonds gives you better immune system and helps you fight with viruses . 100 gm of almonds contain 10.5 gm of carbs, 20.8 gm protein , 58.9 gm of healthy fats and 12.2 gm fiber .


Protein Rich food for vegetarians

Seitan is made from whole wheat flour . its as usual brown bread . Its good for muscle building . its good for vegetarian who cant take non veg foods then it better food in our  vegan foods list . 100 gm of seitan contain 39.0 gm of carbs , 6.8 gm of protein , 3.1 gm of fat 6.3 gm of fiber .


Tofu is soya base protein source. protein contain good amount of iron and protein. as comparison to panner it is low calories foods. but don’t take this in our daily diet plan neither its harmful for us . 100 gm of tofu contain 2.8 gm of carbs ,17.3 gm of protein , 8.7 gm of fat and 2.3 gm of fiber .



In Dry fruit list if you go to walnuts then it very better option for us. walnut contain vitamin e , vitamin B2 and folate protein as well as magnesium , potassium and selenium . its one of the best protein-rich-food-for-vegetarians . 100 gm of walnuts contain 11 gm carbs , 15.6 gm protein , 64.5 gm fats and 6.7 gm fiber .


Chickpea is good protein source but it contain carbs also . soaked chickpea is very beneficial for muscle building if we take in early morning . Chickpea is cheapest protein source and affordable to  everyone . 100 gm of soaked chickpea contain 40.6 gm of carbs ,11.4 gm Protein ,3.5 gm fat and 18.9 gm fiber .


Brown rice is one of the best food for fat loss and muscle building and it is low in carbs so its helps you in muscle building . comparison white rice and brown rice is more effective for bodybuilders . 100 gm of coked brown rice contain 18.4 gm carbs ,1.9 gm of protein ,0.7 gm fat and 0.8 gm fiber .


Paneer is best dairy product in our vegan list and it’s made from milk so its high in iron and taking time of paneer is night . It is slow digestive protein for build muscles . 100 gm of raw Paneer contain 1.22 gm of carbs ,18.3 gm protein and 20.8 gm fat.


Lentils are used in our daily diet routine . but you know  how are they important for our health . Its play an important role in building muscles gaining weight. 100 gm of cooked lentils contain 59 gm of carbs ,25.1 gm protein ,0.7 gm fat and 10.3 gm fiber. Its also called Protein Rich food veg.



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