For weight gain foods list | Budget friendly |2021

If you are a underweight then its also a problem and if you are an overweight its also a problem means that weight loss or weight gain. So, we cover the topic which is very important and essential for every person who suffer from this problem . Weight gain foods list for gaining weight fast and simple foods not fancy .

First of all, We have to change our diet and do little exercise then its get results. For fat loss we can add below nutritious food in our diet and see results after give 6 months for this . Main thing is that what and which type of foods you eat or add in your Diet .100 % result = Our discipline is the formulae to converting or upgrading you .

Weight gain foods list


Curd is good digestive food . If you take its in morning with boiled potatoes, then you get a better source of protein and carb , because this meal helps you put up weight easily and It is also good pre-workout. Curd is rich in calcium , Vitamin B6 , magnesium and potato contains calcium, iron, Vitamin B6 as well as magnesium . From this meal you will get 4.5 gm of protein , 23.6 gm of carbs and 4.1 gm of fat per 100 gm of serving .


Banana is a high calories fruit and natural sugar food , so if you eat 3 to 4 bananas in a day then definitely weight gain within a month. Taking time : 20 min before workout , after lunch also. Combination : 1. oats meal with banana , 2. egg with banana , 3. milk with banana. Banana is rich in Vitamin B6 , Vitamin C & Magnesium.


Milk has high protein and good fat So if you add in your diet, it helps you gaining weight fast . But it is a slow digestive dairy product so avoids to take after a workout because if you are taking this after a workout then your digestive system not working well . Whole milk contain calcium and it is very beneficial for bone health and teeth . Whole milk gives you good amount of protein which is around 3.3 gm per 100 ml serving and 4.2 gm of fat.


weight gain peanut butter

Peanut butter is healthier meal as a breakfast as usual it is healthier than normal butter. So, replace your normal butter to peanut butter . It is tasty also but more than people avoid this food in their diet . It has a good amount of protein and fat, which helps you put on weight. Peanut butter high in potassium and dietary fiber.


The Egg is healthy food and it has prefect amount of protein and healthier fat . If we eat 2 whole egg out of     5 – 6 egg then it is enough for fat and protein for us So ,don’t avoid this food. Egg yolk has vitamin D , good cholesterol as well as its contains potassium, sodium . Therefore , Egg is very important food for improving our brain health.


Which additional foods are help us for weight gain ?

weight gain
2.Soya Chunks
3.Sweet Potatoes
5.Dry Fruits (Almond, Raisins, Walnut, Dates, Dry Fig & Cashew)

Now we have known that how we get results fast within a months . for that, we have do exercise when we do at home or gym. Exercise play an important role for our weight loss or weight gain goal . We have cleared the exercises which we want to do at home and even at gym .above all are best for weight gain foods list.

Exercises for Weight Gain

exercise for weight gain

Home exercise for weight gain

If we have weight plates or dumbbells then its good for us neither we want to do free weight exercise . First exercise is Front squat without weight , Pushup (Inclined , declined and flat)  Diver Pushup , Half Squat row , Double Chest expansions , Lawn movers , Forwards Bends , Wall Arm slides , Bodyweight walking lunge , Chair Squat , Jump squat , Side arms raise , Raise arm hold , Arm scissors , Arm chop . 

Top 5 Exercise with equipment for weight gain

1.Front squat with DB or Barbell                                                                                          This is most effective compound exercise for quadriceps. this exercise helps you overall development of legs and It has been show all the development comes from Squat .So, You understand that how is essential or important for leg development but most than people cant do this exercise because knee pain or mobility issue .So what I suggest if you are beginner or intermediate then till do with light weight unless your form wont correct .

2.Deadlift                                                                                                                          Deadlift is best and effective exercise for weight gain. In this exercise we can lift weight heavy with low rep. Important thing is that all muscles are activate in this exercise.

3.Chest Press                                                                                                                            It’s totally do pressure on overall chest muscles and helps to break your muscle tissues as per your Muscle mind connection. You can do this with a barbell or dumbbell. Highest suggestion is doing this with dumbbell because the range of motion will be increased better than barbell presses. It’s done with bench angle between 45 or 30.

4.Leg Press                                                                                                                              This is effective for Quad, Hamstring as well as Glutes also but major growth come from Quadricep. we can do this in different feet movement or different position for hitting our quads also we can change feet position as usual close or wide as per you want.

5.Shoulder Press                                                                                                                    Barbell Shoulder Overhead Press is one of the best exercise if you want to grow shoulder and hit that interior Deltoid . But do it carefully and correct form . It is better that do standing.

◊ There are many reason behind this .All above food are helps you gaining weight . but It will take time to gain and its totally depends upon your discipline , So Avoid all packaging foods, soda base drinks and fast foods .